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  • Change order of layers

    I can make layers, but can't find any way in the program to change the layer order. I'm looking for very basic functionality. I would like to have a layer for my borders, and a layer for text fields, a layer for typewriter text. If I have a text field with colored backgrounds, and the layer is on top of the borders layer, the color bleeds into the border and makes it look messy. I don't want to have to zoom in to the maximum degree and hand-drag the text field to be pixel perfect, I would like to bring the border layer to the top so I can make quick work of getting the form fields layed out and looking nice. I can't find any information on changing the order of layers, is this not an option? I'm thinking simple photoshop/illustrator...drag and drop to change layer priority.

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    Dear sierrad´╝î

    Thanks for your post and I am sorry that I am still not clear about your query. Would you please help to provide us with one PDF file sample and
    rephrase what you need to do based on the PDF file sample to let us know your request better.
    If it is inconvenience to upload the file here, you may email it to (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.