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Maintaining Zoom Level in Document Links

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  • Maintaining Zoom Level in Document Links

    Hi, I'm putting together a submission in the electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) format. Regulatory guidance states that when creating bookmarks and hyperlinks within the pdf, the magnification has to be set to "Inherit Zoom" so the destination page displays at the same magnification level used in the primary document. My understanding is that this is in place so that if the reader prefers, say, a zoom level of 145% for their PC/device, when you click on a link within the document the 145% zoom is maintained on the target page, not set to something else like "fit width", etc.

    "Inherit Zoom" appears to be an Acrobat Pro setting and I cannot find the equivalent setting in PhantomPDF, where link zoom settings are limited to: Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Visible, Actual Size, or a custom zoom setting (e.g, 100%). I converted a document from word and added links with a consistent zoom level of 100%, but if I want to read the document at 150%, each time I click a link it kicks me back to 100%, which could be frustrating for a reader to have to reset their preferred zoom each time they navigate via a link or bookmark.

    Did I miss a setting somewhere? Is there a comparable way to force "Inherit Zoom" in PhantomPDF? I will mention that I am using the14 day trial version of PhantomPDF, which I assume is full-featured.

    Thanks in advance,


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    craigj ,I am sorry that currently our Foxit PhantomPDF doesn't provide "Inherit zoom" this zoom setting for links and bookmarks like adobe does.For this
    situation,I have submitted the suggestion"Add Inherit Zoom as zoom type for Link and bookmarks" as a new feature for our product marketing's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-3350.
    For your current workaround,we suggest you do the following setting in Foxit PhantomPDF to make Foxit PhantomPDF to retain the same zoom level when click on link or bookmark to access another page in PDF file:
    Go to "File"tab>"Preferences">"page display",please check the option "Forbid the change of the current zoom factor during execution of 'Go to Destination' actions (these actions can be launched from bookmarks),click on "OK" button to save the setting.