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  • Merge encrypted files

    I suspect the task may not be possible if the password is unknown ... but allow me to state the issue.

    I have my bank statements (PDF files provided by the bank) going back many years. I want to archive the monthly statements into a single annual file. When using the combine function in Foxit PhantomPDF it asks for the password for each of the bank encrypted files. Which of course, I do not have. The question becomes ... "is there a way to merge the 12 monthly encrypted files into a single file"? I don't care if the resulting merge file is encrypted.

    As stated, I suspect it is not possible since the possibility of the bank providing the password is zero! :-)

    Edited to add the following:

    Found a workaround ... a bit time consuming but does the trick. Read in each monthly encrypted file with PhantomPDF and then printed it selecting the Foxit PhantomPDF Printer and saved it with a different file name. Repeated the process for the remaining monthly files. Once all 12 monthly files had been "printed" back to a PDF files I combined those files. As stated, a bit time consuming, but does the trick.
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    Yes,if you are asked for the password while merging encryted files, it means that your files restrictions are protected with password, you need password for further process.