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Can you save in older PDF formats?

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  • Can you save in older PDF formats?

    It would be awesome if everyone had the latest and greatest software but many of my customers are barely computer-literate... which should not be a reason why they cannot view my catalog and buy my products. =)

    Now some of them must be running potatoes with Win 95 and Acrobat Reader Godknowswhat because the catalog file displays gibberish for them.
    Alas, this is my problem, not theirs. =)

    So... can Foxit (any version) save this document in an "outdated" PDF format that is more potato-compatible?

    That would be the file I'm referring to:

    This is as bare bones as it gets. (also for the aforementioned reasons)
    Text and pictures. No forms, not even links in there.

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    Hi Robert,

    What do you mean by 'outdated pdf'? As per test, I open the file in Adobe and it looks good. It seems to me that it is more like a font related issue. Please try Foxit PDF printer and see if it helps.
    1 Open your catalog file in Foxit and navigate to File -- Print.
    2 Choose Foxit PhantomPDF printer or Foxit Reader PDF printer and click on Properties button.
    3 In 'Compatible with' item, you could choose an old pdf version.

    If it does not help, please choose Foxit PDF Printer and check the option 'print as image' in Print dialog box and see if it makes difference.


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      Thanks for checking and yes, it does "look good" in a whole bunch of mobile and PC-based readers.

      I'm also aware that "oddball font not embedded" is a prime candidate for a bad display.

      With "old formats" I mean that some years ago when I used the full Acrobat suite I could save it as "Acrobat 3.0 PDF" or some such and it would then work on the systems of people who can't be bothered to update anything... like their reader software.
      It sounds extreme (and maybe is =) but that worked perfectly.


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        Robert Hentschke ,Thanks for your reply.If you want to change your current PDF file's PDF version into a older one,you could use the PDF Optimizer function to do that.
        Please open PDF file,go to "File"tab>"PDF Optimizer",choose the version you like from the "make compatible with" drop-down box,click on "OK" to apply the changes. Please refer to attached screenshot:version.jpg.

        If you want to ensure that the PDF file you created is fully portable and readable on other devices that may not have the same fonts installed, we suggest you use "embed fonts" for the
        PDF file.And it must be mentioned that currently there is no way to input texts with embedded font type directly in PDF file within Foxit PhantomPDF and our Foxit PhantomPDF also doesn't have the ability to make text fonts in PDF file into embedded fonts in a current PDF file.
        The Embed font into PDF file related feature we provided in PhantomPDF is to support making fonts to be embedded into newly created PDF file when converting other document formats to PDF files. The following procedures will direct you to convert files into PDF file with embedded fonts:
        1:Go to your system's Devices and Printers,right click on the "Foxit PhantomPDF Printer" there,select "Printing Preferences">click on "Edit..." button,
        click on "Fonts"tab,select"Embedded all fonts",click on "OK","OK""Save as default""OK" buttons.Please refer to attached screenshot:settings in PDF printer.jpg.
        2:Open the original document which you need to convert it into PDF file,please print it with "Foxit PhantomPDF Printer" ,then you will get a PDF file with embedded fonts included.

        For a PDF file with non-embedded fonts included,you may choose to convert text objects in PDF file into path/shape objects which would also make the PDF file to be readable on other devices.
        Please refer to the following article to know how to convert text to path:
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          Ohhh! So that works? Awesome.
          I just hadn't found that feature, yet. =)