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  • set increment for zoom in/out

    I have Foxit PhantonPDF Business and I would like to set myself increment for zoom in/out - I use CTRL + mouse wheel. Default is too big. For example in Sumatra there is a file in which you can write zoom level. Is there any similar in Foxit?

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    Robert F

    Thanks for your post.When you open a PDF file within Foxit PhantomPDF,you could manually change zoom in/out level(Magnification) under the
    "View"tab or status bar in Foxit PhantomPDF.Please refer to attached screenshot:view and status bar.jpg.

    And you may also would like to know which factors would affect the page zoom in/out level in our Foxit PhantomPDF.
    In fact,there are three factors would affect the page zoom in/out level:
    1) "Restore last view settings when reopening" option under "Preferences" dialog box.
    2) Initial View settings in PDF file itself.
    3) "Default Page Layout" option under "Preferences" dialog box.
    The page scaling priority order is 1>2>3.

    1) If the PDF document been opened before and the "Restore last view settings when reopening" is checked under "History"tab in "Preferences" dialog box(Click on 'File'tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Preferences" to open preferences dialog box), Foxit PhantomPDF will read the "zoom in/out level" setting opened last time and display accordingly.
    2) If the PDF document never been opened before, Foxit PhantomPDF would check if there's "Initial View" setting of the PDF document:
    To check the document initial view setting,please click on "File"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Properties">"Initial View",then you can find the opened PDF file's initial magnification view setting there.
    a. If there is initial view setting, Foxit PhantomPDF will read Magnification setting in initial view setting then display;
    b. If there isn't initial view setting, Foxit PhantomPDF will read the zoom setting in "Preferences>page display>Navigation tab".
    So if you want to set a default zoom in/out level for opening all PDF files (except those PDF files include initial view setting),please run Foxit PhantomPDF and go to File->Preferences->Page display to select zoom level you desired in the "zoom" drop-down menu there, then go to File->Preferences->History to uncheck "Restore last view settings when reopening" option,then it should work as you desired.

    BTW, Since version 9.0 of Foxit PhantomPDF, we've added an option "Always Use Zoom Setting" under "File">"Preferences">"Accessibility">"Override Page Display",this option has the highest priority.
    Once you set zoom in/out level under "Accessibility" tab in preferences dialog box,then all of PDF files (including those files include initinal view setting) will be opened with the zoom level that you set under "Accessibility" tab.

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      Thank you for your such elaboration. Unfortunately, you have not answer my question - I'm fully aware of zoom tools. Once again: If you use CTRL+ mouse wheel your current document zoom in with default increments: 100% 125% 150% 200% etc. How to change that default increments into every 5%: 100% 105% 110% 115% etc. In Sumatra it's possible - you need to edit txt file and write your preferred values.


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        Robert F ,I am sincerely sorry that I didn't understand your query correctly and thanks so much for your detailed descriptions of your request again.
        According to your request,I have submitted the suggestion "Allow to specify zoom rates" as a new feature to our product marketing team for processing,so it may be considered in future versions.Suggestion ID#PHANTOM-4038.
        To track the suggestion's processing status in future,you may write to [email protected]


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          Thank you very much for your assistance and help.


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            New version 9.4 was released but I don't see such option. Is it so difficult? I have zoom 220% and I click plus button (bottom right) and I get 540%. Pleas fix it!


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              Robert F

              Sorry, we have no added the feature yet, and I have reminded our team to improve the feature as soon as possible.