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PhantomPDF Crashes when I apply a signature

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  • PhantomPDF Crashes when I apply a signature

    Everytime I apply a signature, PhantomPDF freezes for a sec and then crashes. When I open it, the signature isn't there.

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    Sorry for the trouble. Would you please help to provide us with the following info for further investigation?

    1. Your system information, like win7 32-bit.
    2. The crashlog.txt and CRASH.DMP files you can find under the directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\ Foxit PhantomPDF.
    3. Does it happen to any files? If it happens to a specific file, please send us the sample for internal test.
    4. When you said"When I open it, the signature isn't there.", do you mean that the signature disappear from the signature list?


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      I'm having the same issue with Foxit Reader. I can't share the document as it's confidential.

      1. I'm running Windows 10 with current patches, 64 bit.
      2. There is no file named "crash" in the directory like what you listed (mine was under Roaming).
      3. It only appears to happen to one specific file (and as I said, I unfortunately can't share it).
      4. The steps I'm taking are: Open file, place signature, click "apply all signatures", and it crashes. My signature remains in the signature list, but it is not in the document.




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        As I was looking at the file for potential differences from other files, I note the following:
        1. The signature page appears to have been scanned while the rest appear to have been computer-generated (as in, it looks like the person who signed previously signed a paper copy, that paper copy was scanned in, and the signature page only was replaced with the scanned page)
        2. The size of the signature page is different. The scanned page mentioned in 1 appears to be A4 sized while the rest of the document appears to be letter sized (7 pages are letter, then 1 page is A4, then 10 pages are letter).


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          Thank you for your reply. After carefully evaluating the bug and trying to reproduce the issue based on the information provided, we are not able to reproduce the issue with our files, as your said, It only appears to happen to one specific file, so the file is important for further troubleshooting, and we will just use your file for internal test, after test, we will delete it, if it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to [email protected].

          And please run Foxit, go to Help>About Foxit PhantomPDF to check the version you use.

          In addition, when Foxit crash, did you get the crash reporter? If yes, help to search crashlog.txt and CRASH.DMP files in the directory C:\Users.

          Thank you in advance for your info.