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Foxit Drive and PhantomPDF standard

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  • Foxit Drive and PhantomPDF standard

    I've noticed with the Foxit Reader, you can add Foxit Drive as a place to store and retrieve files. But on the PhantomPDF standard, you can not. Although it shows the plugin installed and loaded. Say I want to store my PDF files on the Foxit Drive with PhantomPDF, how do you go about doing so? Thanks

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    I have the same question and have been trying to get PhantomPDF (Business) to show Foxit Drive just as Foxit Reader does. I even tried replicating the registry entries for PhantomPDF under plugins, but to no avail. Would appreciate any pointer on how to enable Foxit Drive in PhantomPDF. Thanks.


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      Is it even possible to enable Foxit Drive in PhantomPDF? It would be very useful if it was, but I'm not so sure.


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        Hello All,

        Currently,we don't integrate our Foxit Drive into Foxit PhantomPDF,so you are able to connect to Foxit drive with Foxit PhantomPDF directly. The "Foxit Drive" plugin that you can see which is loaded in 'About Foxit Plug-ins"dialog box has other uses in Foxit PhantomPDF,it is not for accessing Foxit drive.
        According to your request,I have submitted the suggestion"enable Foxit Drive in PhantomPDF" as a new feature request to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-11819.

        For your current workaround,you may choose to access Foxit drive within our free Foxit Reader application or access Foxit Drive webpage ( in web browser directly.