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Copy form fields from one pdf file to another

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  • Copy form fields from one pdf file to another

    Dear all,

    I've been already searching throughout the FAQs and in this forum for answers to this topic, but was not successful yet, so sorry if this is a repeated question.

    We recently bought Phantom PDF and now we struggling with a simple task:

    >> How can I copy multiple form fields from one PDF doc to another. <<

    Sometimes PDF form files are quite similar, differences are in static text blocks, but some of the form fields are the same, like addresses, name related form fields and so on. So I just want to copy a couple (not only one) of form fields from form A (= file A) to form B (= file B) but can't figure out how.

    It's possible to duplicate fields in one form but how can I then move/copy them to the next file?
    It's possible as well to select one form field and select copy from the context menu directly in the document, but if you select multiple fields in the form overview pane on the left side, no copy option is available.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Under Select annotation mode, the form fields are highlighted, please click on the first form field, then hold Ctrl key and select other form fields you need, and press Ctrl+C to copy them, finally switch to file B and press Ctrl+V to paste the form fields.