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    In making an interactive form I put some text that appears where the text box on the form appears (like a label of what to insert) but it stays. How can I remove that text?

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    Could you take a screenshot of that text that you would like to remove?


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      I am not familiar with "screen shot" but can send the PDF form. Need to remove:
      fixed numbers in "Member ID# , Dept. post #
      "Department or district Office
      Birth Date
      Send (or submit block )
      Data Form 2.pdf


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        Thank you for your file. Actually the text is added by Typewriter, you can use the tool Comment>Typewriter to change it.
        Since your form is an interactive form which you can fill in directly without Typewriter, you can use Hand tool to fill in the form.


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          Thanks for the timely reply, It works. Remaining is the problem of the "send" block: How can that be removed?
          Last edited by 8Ball9; 11-15-2018, 05:41 PM. Reason: Grammer correction for the editing found the send block was a "push button" located and deleted It. Now my form is clean!. Thank you!


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            8Ball9 ,
            Do you want to change the label name(Send) of the send submit button or you want to delete the "Send" button?
            If the answer is the former,please choose"Push Button" tool under the "Form"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF,double click "Send" button to open the "Button Properties" dialog box in which you are able to change its label name under "Options" tab. Please refer to attached screenshotroperties.jpg.
            If the answer is the latter,please also select "Push Button" tool,right click on the "Send" button and select "Delete" option in the pop-up context menu to delete it.

            If I didn't understand your query correctly,please help to rephrase it in more detailed with illustrated screenshots.To make a screenshot, please press 'PrScrn SysrRq' on the keyboard, then go to 'Start'->'All Programs'->'Accessories'->'Paint'->press Ctrl V to paste and save.

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