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Print to PDF leads to image defects

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  • Print to PDF leads to image defects

    First time forum user; I've been using PhantomPDF for a few years, and am currently running version

    I am trying to repair a PDF file by opening it with PhantomPDF and using "Print to PDF" to produce a cleaner output version.

    This procedure does correct some defects with the source file (inconsistent/incorrect page sizes, etc.), but a new defect appears in the output.

    The source file, a scanned book, has one image object per page, 3.75" x 6". It consists of the text content of the book page.

    The output file has several smaller image objects on each page, each one 1.88" high, so that the output page is made of a stack of rectangular images. Where they meet, the boundary usually runs through a text line, and it has a degraded appearance in the output file.

    Is this a known behavior in the print-to-PDF mechanism? Can I do anything to improve the results?


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    When you try to "Print to PDF", did you check "Print as Image" in the print dialog? If not, please check this option and see if it would make difference. If it doesn't help, please send us the PDF document in question and make a screenshot that marks out the problem so we could better advise? If it is inconvenient to upload the files here, please email to [email protected], Attn: Cherry. Thank you.


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      I've tried the operation with that option, but the result is about the same: using "print as image", the image objects in the output file are smaller. I'll attach an example.


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        chonak ,Thanks for your reply and I am extremely sorry that I still can not find the smaller image objects that you referred in the printout files you sent. Would you please help to use the pencil tool under the "Comment"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF to make mark out the problematic image objects for us to take a closer look at first?


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          Here's a screen capture showing a page and one of the image objects.


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            This case has been reported to our QA team for further investigation, report id:QCPHANTOM-14334
            Any update, we will keep you informed.
            BTW, may I know why you want to print it to PhantomPF printer and edit the image since you can edit with the original image file? Thank you.


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              The source file has pages 6 x 9", but Lulu's software reported that it sees the file's page size (for some reason) as 8.5 x 11". I have seen similar problems in the past and have been able to resolve them by using PhantomPDF's print-to-PDF feature, in order to make a new PDF output file with the correct page size. For now, I have been able to deal with this particular situation using other software, but it would be good if PhantomPDF could perform the print-to-PDF operation without the loss in quality I saw with this file. Thanks for tracking the case.
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                chonak ,thanks for letting us know about your working scenarios.Any updates about this issue you reported,we will keep you posted or you may also write back to [email protected] with this report ID#QCPHANTOM-14334 to track its processing status.