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Email recipients unable to read/open Foxit Phantom pdf documents

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  • Bug Email recipients unable to read/open Foxit Phantom pdf documents

    I am frequently getting responses back from email recipients complaining that the pdf documents that I have created with Foxit Phantom can not be read and that I should resend the documents in pdif format. Apparently the documents are somehow getting changed to winmail.dat or some other format in transit to them. I know that the recipients can read regular PDF documents and that others are able to read what I have sent them. I have previously sent the recipients other PDF documents which went fine. How do I resolve this problem?

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    Hi _bookbean1,

    This PDF attachment changed into winmail.dat issue may somehow related to the settings of the email client/server on the recipients side. To help determine this issue, you may try to send a test PDF document which is not created by Foxit PhantomPDF Printer and see if it would changed into winmail.dat. If it is about the settings, the recipients may contact his/her IT department for further advice and help.

    Email: [email protected]


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      I am sorry that it has taken me sooooo long to respond. I believe that the problem had something to do with the recipient using an iPhone or some other similar system.


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        @_bookbean1, Thanks for your kind update.