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  • OCR automation for a folder


    the OCR tool for converting a scanned PDF to a searchable PDF works verry good.
    But is there a possibility to make automation of htis (perhaps with an batch file) ?
    I have an folder in witch scanned PDF files come from an printer via FTP.
    I want to have an automatic converting of this PDF files.

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    You may save all the scanned PDF documents in one folder, then open Foxit PhantomPDF program, go to "Convert"->"OCR"->"Multiple Files" then choose that folder to add the PDF files, then click "Output Options" then set the Target folder and file naming. Please give it a try. Thank you.


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      Hello Cherry,

      I have exactly the same situation as Trebener. I've read somewehere in the forum that it will be possible in future to use the Foxit PDF Toolkit to batch process PDF files. Is this option (OCR) already available in the toolkit?


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        Tinu ,Foxit PDF Toolkit can not bath process OCR conversion for PDF files. According to your request,you may choose to use one the following methods to batch OCR PDF files in our Foxit PhantomPDF:
        The first method:Please place all scanned documents into one folder,then open Foxit PhantomPDF, go to "Convert"->"OCR"->"Multiple Files" to choose the folder where contains those scanned PDF files to add those files.Click on "Output Options" to set the target folder and file naming,click on "OK" in "OCR Multiple Files" window to OCR all of those selected PDF files.

        The second method:Please use the "Action Wizard" function in our Foxit PhantomPDF Business to batch OCR PDF files.Please do as follows:
        1:In Foxit PhantomPDF,go to "File"tab>"Action Wizard" to open 'Create New Action' dialog box,please click on "Convert">"OCR">"Add" there to add OCR tool as action step.In the meantime,you could click on "Specify Settings" button to preset OCR settings in the opened"Select OCR Engine" window,click on "OK"to save the OCR settings. Then,please click on "Save" to save this OCR action as a new action.
        2:Click on "File"tab>"Action Wizard" >"Run Action",choose the OCR action that you have created under the 'Action List' ,t there would be a "Run Action" panel on the right corner of Foxit PhantomPDF window,please click on the "inverted triangle"icon which is next to "Add files" button to open a drop-down menu in which you could select "Add Files" or "Add Folder" there to add documents that to be OCRed.Finally please click on "Start' to run the OCR action to all PDF files you have selected in batch.