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Textbox comment box does not save text formatting options

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  • Bug Textbox comment box does not save text formatting options

    PhantomPDF Standard v9.4.1

    Textbox comment box does not save text formatting options. For example, I edit text and set it to be in Center. But next time I want to edit the same text it reverts back to what it was before (usually Align Left). I also does not save when I change font size or style.

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    This issue can also be reproduced on my side as well and it has been reported it to Foxit internal bug tracking system for further processing. I'll keep you posted with the update. Thank you.


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      SebUK Can you reproduce the problem every time you perform the same? I can no longer reproduce now. Could you please try again and see if it could still be replicated on your side? If yes, could you please use your phone to record the problem so I could escalate it to the engineer? Thank you.


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        I just created a new blank PDF document. I added a new TextBox comment object with some text. I double-clicked to edit it. I selected to Center text. Text was centered. But now I moved that box around on the page and the text is now to the left, not centered. So I double-clicked again and centered the text. Text was centered. But now I wanted to edit the text so double-clicked again and the text is to the left, not centered.


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          I tried again by following the instructions step by step, but it still cannot be reproduced. Could you please clear the registry as follows and see if it helps?
          Go to "Start"->"Run"-> input regedit.exe -> find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Foxit Software" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Foxit Software" to delete the whole folder of Foxit Software.

          If it makes no sense, could you please use your phone to record a small video that shows how you reproduce the problem so I could escalate it for further analysis? Thank you again.


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            Removing entries from Registry didn't help.

            I recorded a video


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              @SebUk,This situation you reported could also be reproduced on my computer and I have already submitted this issue to our internal bug tracking for our QA team for further processing with report ID#QCPHANTOM-15826. Any updates we will keep you informed or you may also write back to with this report ID#QCPHANTOM-15826 to track its processing status.


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                (Bug) I have the same issue in Foxit Reader


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                  Sorry that you encountered the same problem. I've checked the processing status of "Report ID#: QCPHANTOM-15826", the issue was targeted to be fixed in version 9.5. If everything goes well, you should not have this problem after updating to version 9.5. Please keep an eye out on it and give it a try when the new release of version 9.5 is available. Thank you.


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                    cherry #9

                    Thank you for your answer.


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                      I have a similar issue with version The color of the text in a textbox reverts to the default color on a later edit.

                      How to reproduce:

                      Create a textbox
                      Add some text in the textbox
                      Go to Comment Format and change the color the text, e.g., to red
                      Click out of the textbox
                      Click on the textbox
                      Now the color of the text reverts back to the default, e.g., black


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                        This is a known issue (Report ID#QCPHANTOM-14580),it will also be rectified in next minor release version 9.5 of Foxit phantomPDF/Foxit Reader.


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                          Okay, thanks!