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  • Using PhantomPDF on Mac

    I've just downloaded PhantomPDF for Mac. It does not (yet?) do scanning, so I am trying to figure out workarounds. I've scanned a document using Preview. Then, I've opened a document in PhantomPDF. I want to copy the pages scanned by Preview into my document opened in PhantomPDF. I've selected-all and copied the pages in Preview, but in PhantomPDF, the paste button is grayed out. Being able to insert pages into an existing pdf if critical to our operation. How do I do this?

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    OHPRS Tech ,I am sorry that currently mac version does not support create pdf from scanner.We have already submitted the feature"Create PDF from Scanner" to our product marketing's reference with suggestion ID#MACLNX-2718.
    Foxit PhantomPDF for MAC supports to insert blank page,text files,image files or PDF files as new pages into an existing PDF file. Please do as follows to insert new page into PDF file:
    Open the Organize toolbar by one of the following:
    Choose Tools > Organize.
    Click in the Common Tools toolbar, and choose Organize.

    Choose one of the following methods:
    Click Insert in the Organize toolbar, and choose From File.
    Move your mouse over the blank area before or after a page thumbnail, and you will find the Insert icon. Click the Insert icon, and select From File.
    In the pop-up dialog box, select the file type from the Options drop-down list, select the file that you want to insert into the target document, and click Open.
    In the Insert Page From dialog box, do the following:
    Click Add Files to add more files, if necessary.
    If you add multiple files, you can reorder the file to be shown in the combined PDF by clicking the Move Up or Move Down button.
    Specify where you want to insert the file, and the page range of the file that you want to insert.
    Click OK.
    For more details,you may refer to attached animated gif file: how to .gif.

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      Thanks for the instructions. Yes, I know there is a pending feature request. I believe I initiated it. Regarding your instructions ... On Mac, the "Move your mouse over the blank area ..." must be done before Insert > FIle. Otherwise, you can't get to the thumbnail window while the "Insert Pages From" dialog is opened.

      More questions:

      So, on Mac, you cannot copy from a PDF opened in another window and paste to PhantomPDF, you can only insert from file, right?

      Is it possible to open a 2nd PhantomPDF window on Mac? Our staff likes to review documents side-by-side.


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        OHPRS Tech ´╝îThanks for your response.There is not any way to copy from a PDF opened in another window and paste into Foxit PhantomPDF.
        To open more than one Foxit PhantomPDF windows,please do the following setting in Foxit PhantomPDF:
        go to "Foxit PhantomPDF"menu,click on "Preferences">"Documents",check option"Allow multiple instances",click on "OK"to save the setting.


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          Thanks! Now that I've done that with the Preferences, how do I actually open another instance? Clicking on the docker icon does not. There is no "File > New PhantomPDF Window" like with the Finder. It's probably very simple, but I haven't figured it out. 'Open' opens another document, but not apparently in a new instance. What's the trick?

          Next, with respect to this last function of 'Open'ing a 2nd document in the same instance, how do I get to each document? I don't see any tabs and don't know how to select between documents. There is no 'View > Switch Windows' option like with Excel. If I go to 'Close', it asks, "Do you want to close all tabs ...", so it must have both documents opened. How do I do this?


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            Any feedback on this? I've got to get this scanner set up for this user this week. Thansk


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              Never mind. I figured it out: right-click on document > Get Info > Open with > select 'PhantomPDF' > Change All


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                Originally posted by OHPRS Tech
                Never mind. I figured it out: right-click on document > Get Info > Open with > select 'PhantomPDF' > Change All
                Thanks for your response.This procedures are for setting Foxit PhantomPDF as default PDF viewer for PDF documents in your computer which would make PDF files to be opened in Foxit PhantomPDF when you double click on them separately.