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Creating a comment field that wraps and expands

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  • Creating a comment field that wraps and expands

    I'm fairly novice on PhantomPDF and am messing around with forms. What I need to do is create a form that has a text field that will automatically grow as the user types. For example, my inspectors are required to give a narrative of what they observed that day. It can range from a few sentences to many paragraphs. Ideally, I'd like to create a form that dynamically changes to accommodate the length of the comments made (pushing everything below it downward as the narrative grows).

    I'm not really concerned about maintaining clean page breaks or anything like that, I just need them to be able to type as much as necessary without needing to have a giant text field.

    I've done searches here and on the web and run across terms like XFA and reflow, but am at a bit of a loss as to whether I can accomplish what I want here. Is it possible?

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    GlennF ,To create a text field in which texts could wrap and expand,please do the following setting in text field properties:
    1:Go to "Form"tab>"Text text" to use this tool to create a text field in PDF file.
    2:Please select "Select>Select annotation" tool which you could find it under "Form"tab to right click on a text field,select "properties"option in the pop-up context menu to open 'Text Field Properties" dialog box,click on "Options"tab there,check options"Scroll long text" and "Multi-line" there,click "close" to close the opened properties dialog box.
    3:Keep "hand" tool selected (Click "Home"tab>"Hand") to fill out texts in text field in which you have already modified its properties there to see if it works as your expected.
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      Thank you for your response!

      I followed the procedure as you described and when my text field is full, and I continue to type, it reduced the type size to accommodate the extra text. I then changed the font size to 12.0 from Auto and it now scrolls down and gives me a scroll bar at the right of the text field.

      This is close to what I want, but I'm hoping to be able to have the actual text field grow as opposed to needing to scroll. Ultimately, these reports will be printed and archived as part of an official record, which is part of why I need it all to be visible (so I can print all of the text).

      Thank you so much for your help. I've learned a couple of things in the process already!


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        GlennF ,Thanks for your response.I am sorry that currently there is still not possible to create a expandable text box as your expected. For this situation,we have submitted the suggestion"Support to create a text field which could be expanded automatically according to the content" to our product marketing's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-9266,so that it may be considered in future versions.


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          Is there any update on this ? I also need that feature (create a text field that expands as needed without changing the font or making a scrolling bar - that does not print the extra text). The last answer was more than 5 years ago !!!

          Well, I found another comment with the same subject ...

          ... but no solution yet, just the request for that feature ...

          <"Provide a way to print the form with all the text in each text box in an expanded view" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-14208.>

          So I want to know if the suggestion has had any good results. I understand only Adobe LiveCycle Designer is the only software that can do this.

          But this software is discontinued...
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            Me Phih
            So far PHANTOM-9266&PHANTOM-14208 were both under evaluation by our Product team, I will forward an update the moment I have it.