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Viewing 3D PDF Files with PRC instead U3D

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  • Viewing 3D PDF Files with PRC instead U3D

    Hi There

    On some thread from 2018 i read that you are working on a plugin to view 3D PDFs which are PRC not in U3D Format.
    Whats the status of that plugin, still in work or beta release coming soon?

    Hope this issue/ticket can get higher severity level as it seems to be affecting more than just me

    Best regards,

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    SomeITGuy ,Thanks for using Foxit Software and your attention about the progress of this new request "Develop a new PRC 3D plugin for Foxit PhatomPDF(request ID:PHANTOM-11078)". We have already added high priority for this new requst in our internal feature request system.
    Dev team are still working on it and currently there is still no ETA yet.
    We will keep you informed for the update or you may also write back to with this suggestion ID#PHANTOM-11078 to track its processing status in the future.