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Need help with alignment (text and line breaks)

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  • Need help with alignment (text and line breaks)

    Hi everyone,
    I'm the IT manager of a small sales company that works a LOT with long PDF files (50+ pages) for Bids, quotes, invoices etc. a few of our employees specifically work with these long PDF files, that have been scanned from a printer, as well as PDFs sent from other companies.

    The trouble we are encountering is we can't figure out a way(if there is one) to easily add aligned text in areas on the document - See the picture below for more info:

    1. This is where one of my coworkers attempted to add text, and then align it as best he could, but you can see it's a bit off.
    2. This was me just quickly adding text, and trying to click in the same general area each time. You can see it's WAY off.
    3. All in all, we just want to be able to make these blank lines EDITABLE so that words typed above them show up in the same spot. Basically make the areas directly about the lines editable.

    Does this make sense what we're trying to accomplish? Any way to make this easier and prettier? Thanks for all suggestions/help.


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    Thanks for the post. There is no picture in the post I'm afraid. To make a scanned document editable, you could use Foxit PhantomPDF with Convert -- OCR function to recognize text. But the software could only make the whole page editable. It has no ability to make an area editable. After running OCR, you could choose Edit -- Edit Object -- All, then hold control key on the keyboard and click the objects one by one that you would like to assign, then right click the selected objects and choose Align.