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What's the best way to populate a combo box?

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  • What's the best way to populate a combo box?

    A little background:
    First off I am no programmer and but was able to develop an extensive javascript filled PDF through the help of many people. The PDF I developed is filled with all kinds of javascript, from document level javascript to form fields with their own javascripts and so on.
    The issue I am running into is that the form tends to be very slow so I am now in the process of recreating it with the idea of removing some unused code and changing some of the code so the form hopefully ends up a little bit faster.
    One of the things I did was I have these combo boxes that list choices, once a choice is selected it gets a list (from a document level javascript) and populates another combo box where the user can choose what options they want and then click a button to add them to the form.

    But is using a document level javascript (DLJ) the best (read fastest) way to populate a combo box with choices made from another combo box?

    I can provide examples if needed and even could provide a sample sheet, Although the sample sheet would probably not have any issues because there would be limited javascript on the sample sheet. I could also provide a copy of the form I am working on, but it could seriously confuse anyone because of the fact that the javascript is all over the sheet....
    I'm just wondering if there is a faster way than using a DLJ.

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    DLJ is the only way to populate combo box while selecting a value in another combo box.