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    I have a question regarding the redaction tool and Redaction codes..Is there a way to automate the redaction codes? Right now a user will have to select the area to redact, right click and then choose the "User overlay Text" option for each redaction manually. Due to the number of redactions it would be easier to automate the codes to be used sequentially instead of right clicking on each one and manually applying.

    Is this possible? Also what does the "Set current properties as default" option do? As when we apply and then create new redactions, it does not appear to change anything.

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    It is possible to change the Redaction settings then set it as new default so you don't have to change it every time.
    Here's how-to: Please go to Protect->Mark for Redactions, then drag a rectangle then right-click to open "Properties" and change the settings. Then tick "Set Current Properties as Default", click "Close". You may also right-click on the redaction then click "Set current properties as default".
    Then all the newly added redactions will have the same properties. Once you've marked for redactions, you may go to Protect->Apply all redactions to apply all at once.

    Please give it a try. Thank you.