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"No new form field annotations were detected."

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  • "No new form field annotations were detected."

    Currently, I'm using a Typical install trial version of Foxit PhantomPDF Business to evaluate how well it recognizes MS Word 2007 form checkbox characters that are easily recognized with the current version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20034. In a MS Word 2007 document I created called "checkbox detection test", I've inserted all the Wingdings, Wingdings 1, and Wingdings 2 square boxes into the MS word doc. To get form checkbox detection to work with Adobe APDC2019, I had to add a space next to each checkbox and then the text "Misc text" without quote marks. When I try to load the same MS Word 2007 file into Foxit PPDFB9.5 by way of Convert > Form, none of the checkboxes are detected and I get the remark: "No new form field annotations were detected."

    On page 69 of the Foxit PPDF9.5 Quick Guide and page 67 of the Foxit PPDF9.5 manual are these instructions that are turning out not to be true:

    Create a PDF form from an existing file

    You can create a PDF form directly from an existing file during which Foxit PhantomPDF will detect and recognize the form fields automatically, with no need to use the Run Form Field Recognition command.

    1. Choose File > Create > Form > From a file, or choose Convert > Create > Form > From a file.
    2. Choose a file in the pop-up dialog box.
    3. A PDF with form fields if any is created and opened with Foxit PhantomPDF.
    4. Specify the file name and save path

    Granted, that information may just pertain to fields where you can interactively enter info like name, address, and date, but it should also include detection for form checkboxes, radio buttons, and every other kind of form field interactive object, i.e. MS Word Legacy form characters, ActiveX Controls, etc.

    Additional Problem

    The previous version of Foxit PPDFB,, had an Advanced search results window that got bigger as you pulled the split screen divider line from right to left. Now, it's back to not having that function and we're stuck with this tiny Advanced search result window with a bottom scroll bar. This is regressive programming and a lack of UI attention to detail.

    Could we please get an Advanced search result window with a right bottom corner adjustable pull tab that can be pulled to the right so the full search results can be seen?

    Better yet, can we get an Advanced search results window made to have the right side stick to the right side of the program border window and the results window become larger the further you pull the split screen divider line from right to left?

    Thanks for your help and time.

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    DBF68AZ ,Thanks for trying our Foxit PhantomPDF.As far as I know,we could press "Shift+P" on keyboard to input a square box with Wingdings font selected. Would you please let us know how you could input a squre box with Wingdings 1 or Wingdings 2 fotnt selected?It is better if you could help to send us the word file with those square boxes included for us to take a closer testing on our part?

    In our latest version 9.5,the result box would still remain with its initial size when you resize the advanced search pannel.This issue has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system already with report ID#PHANTOM-12666.

    For your request"get an Advanced search results window made to have the right side stick to the right side of the program border window and the results window become larger the further you pull the split screen divider line from right to left",I think the advanced search window in our previous version 9.4 already meets your needs. To make advanced search window to sitck to right side of Foxit PhantomPDF border window,you just need to double click on its title bar in search window(please refer to attached screenshot:search title bar.jpg),then please pull the split screen divider line from right to left to make the search window larger. Please refer to attached screenshot:enlarge.jpg.
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      Thanks for responding. Sorry for the late reply. Other responsibilities took precedence.

      I'm not sure how and where you mean you used "Shift+P" to create a wingdings square box. I've never used FPPDF to create documents. Although, I'm guessing you might mean that I'd have to create a new pdf document from a blank template in order to get the "Shift+P" wingding square box insert function to work within a FPPDF document. Assuming that's what you meant and did, I went to File > Create > Blank > Create PDF from a blank page and then pressed Shift+P to see if it inserted a square box wingding. No square box wingding was created. Even so, none of this is really the emphasis what I'm talking about regarding FPPDF's inability to detect wingding character in imported MS Word .docx files.

      This is what I did to test whether or not FPPDF could detect wingding boxes and circles so that they'd be interactive within a pdf form:
      1. Created a new blank MS Word .docx file
      2. Went to the Insert tab > Symbols box > Clicked on Symbol > and then clicked on More Symbols to select Wingdings, Wingdings1, and Wingdings2 square boxes and circles to add to the document.
      3. Added the phrase "Misc text" next to each square and circle with a space between the wingding and the phrase.
      4. Loaded it up on FPPDF as I detailed in the previous post without the wingdings being detected for them to be interactive.
      I can upload the MS Word 2007 .docx, but you could easily create the same type of document with probably any MS Word 2007 and current version and get the same results. Even so, I'll go ahead and upload it so there's no confusion as to what I did or how the document looks. It's really nothing special.

      As for the Advanced Search window size in your version of FPPDF vs mine, your Advanced Search window doing exactly what I was seeing in the more recent 9.4 version prior to the newer 9.5 version. I've attached two pics of what I'm seeing along with the FPPDF version overly info. Other than that window divider you can pull left or right, there's no way to get the Advanced Search window to increase in size. As a matter of fact, from the initial info at the top of your Advanced Search window pics, it looks like you might be using a different version of FPPDF than I'm using.

      Hopefully this info has been helpful to explain what I'm experiencing.
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        FYI, the spam detection is a little tight on this forum. I made two edits to the previous post and it got locked up and needed admin approval before being made viewable. Maybe there's a forum admin option to allow more than just two edits before being flagged as spam.


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          DBF68AZ ,Thank you for describing your specific steps in details.I now understand the situation you mentioned and this issue"squares and circles add in word application can not be detected and converted into checkboxes in Foxit PhantomPDF" to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-18678 I will keep you informed for any updates about this issue or you may also write back to us with this report ID#QCPHANTOM-18678 to track its processing status in the future.

          I am now using our latest version of Foxit PhantomPDF v9.5 on my computer.The situation"Advanced search don\'t resize result box" also could be replicated on our part,it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system with report ID#PHANTOM-12666.Please refer to attached animated gif file(how to.gif) to know what happened on my part.

          At present,user sends multiple posts in too short a period of time continuously,posts will be blocked and need to be reviewed and approved by our forum administrator and there is not any way for my account to change this mechanism yet. For your post which got locked up,I have approved it.

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            Thank you Lisa.


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              We have fixed the issue "Advanced search don\'t resize result box" in the new verison9.6, you can download it from our website( and install to fix the issue.


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                I saw that improvement after I downloaded 9.6 a few days ago. Thank you very much. It makes it a lot easier to see the full context of the search hit.