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Edited page not printing added graphic

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  • Edited page not printing added graphic

    Hello and thanks for being here to help.

    When I'm setting up an Amazon return, the label graphic is always in the wrong place and usually distorted. So I take a screenshot of the label from the online page and then substitute the better graphic for the original one. I also remove the extraneous parts of the page. The outcome is thus: rearranging doesn't make a difference in printing; adding that graphic does. When I get to print preview, the graphic I added doesn't show at all. If I check the "Simulate Overprinting" box, it does all show if a little less crisp. Rearranged material shows up fine.

    My screenshots include the label change but not the rearranging.

    I seem to remember that this used to work fine. Has there been an update that might have effected my printing?

    So my questions are, (1) why isn't my edit printing (and why is it causing the stall when I print to PDF)? (2) Why does overprinting work when it doesn't without it? (3) Since it's not just editing that does it - as I said, rearranged material prints fine - what setting can I change so I can just print?

    Thanks much for any insights and/or help.

    Foxit PhantomPDF on Windows 7 64-bit
    This is the original page as downloaded. You can see the distortion in the mailing label; that's what I edit to improve. This is the page after I've substituted a screenshot of the graphic. When I try to print the "new and improved" page to PDF, it stalls at this point and I have to end the process.
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    I think I solved it but I'll leave this in case anyone else has the problem. I removed my printer from the PCL list. Thing is, I'm sure it worked before even with my printer in the PCL list and with that option checked. Ah well. At least I get crisp printing of my label now.

    Other thoughts would be welcome.



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      Sorry for the trouble. I think it may be a bug of Foxit program,would you please help to provide us with the following info?
      1. How did you add the graphic? By Edit>Add Image?
      2. The screenshot of Foxit printing dialog box you set when you get the printing issue.
      3. Send us the original pdf file and the pdf file with adding graphic for internal test, if it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.