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PhantomPDF takes a long time to save a file

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  • PhantomPDF takes a long time to save a file

    When saving a large pdf file, the "Discarding Invalid Objects…" step takes a long time to finish on PhantomPDF. This delay does not occur on the FoxIt PDF reader.

    I believe it would be an improvement if this step could be either skipped or disabled when not needed. Due to this issue, it takes me about a minute to save some of the larger files, even if the change in question is something as simple as adding a bookmark. If this option already exists, I would be thankful if someone can tell me where it is, as I've been unable to find it.

    Tested on:
    Windows 10 Pro x64 (Build 17134)
    Phantom PDF Business

    Test PDF is a 300 MB pdf, linked here.

    After adding a single bookmark, the time required to save the file (tested by saving the same file on the same computer) is:
    PhantomPDF: 1 min 36 sec
    FoxIt PDF Reader: 8 sec

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue has been submitted to our team for further investigation, any updates, I will keep you informed. Report ID:QCPHANTOM-19364.


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      I have the same problem--specifically: unlike Acrobat or PDF Studio Pro, Foxit Phantom takes about 30 seconds to save a large PDF (180 MB)

      Steps to reproduce the problem:
      1. Upgrade from Foxit Phantom PDF Business (Licensed) to on Windows 10 10.0.17763 Build 17763
      2. Open this PDF:
      3. Make a change (e.g., add a bookmark)
      4. save the file (takes about 30 seconds on my i7 PC)

      You see acceptable (normal) speeds of about 5 seconds if you try with the following:
      1. Foxit Reader (not Phantom)
      2. Foxit Phantom (Express or Licensed Business)
      3. Adobe Acrobat Pro X
      4. PDF Studio Pro 2019

      So far, I have reproduced this on 3 hosts / computers:
      1. Parallels in Macbook Pro
      2. VM on bhyve
      3. Microsoft Windows Surface Pro 3
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        mellowyellow Sorry for the inconvenience. I have forward your information to QA team for analysis under the same bug ID#QCPHANTOM-19364. thanks