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(Another) Measurement Issues

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  • (Another) Measurement Issues

    I am pretty new to FoxIt PhantomPDF. I've been using it just for about 3 mo now, because my current company uses it.
    I use FoxIt PhantomPDF for quantity take off (something which some people may against to it ). To do it, I use Comment - Measure Tool (Distance, Perimeter and Area). I also use Drawing Tool (Rectangular, Oval, Polygon). I use this drawing tool, when I need to mark & count items in the plan/drawing. Sometime I use a pretty big drawing file, as it includes background images,

    1. Foxit crashes (high CPU utilization) when I use snap tool. When I dont use snap tool it work alright.
    2. I need to transfer my Comment to excel for further use. With Adobe Acrobat I can use 'export to excel' function to create a CSV file. In my short experience with Foxit, Foxit only have "Summarize Comments" Tool which creates a PDF file, which pretty hard to convert it into excel. Exporting the file or comments to fdf doesnt help. It will be good if Foxit can import the comments to CSV.
    3.I am currently doing some work which required me to make about 686 comments (based on information from Comments Panel). After I summarized my comments in PDF, I copied all my comments from the summary page (Control-A, Control-C), and then pasted it to an excel file. When I tried to count the number of comments that were transferred (by filtering based on "Author:"), I only could find 432 records. So, it seem that 254 comments didnt transferred through. I am not sure it is the Windows 10 clipboard problem or Foxit PhantomPDF problem.

    Unfortunately, I dont think that I can send my file to you.

    So, can you help me with my issues, please? Thanks.


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    Could you please open Foxit PhantomPDF->go to Help->About Foxit PhantomPDF to check if you're using the most current version 9.6.0? If not, please update to it and try again to see if the Snapshot tool works fine? And also please let us know if it happens to any PDF document or just specific one and the exact instruction to reproduce the issue.

    Regarding the export comments to Excel, currently Foxit PhantomPDF supports to export the comments to .fdf file and export the measurement data to Excel and export the PDF content to Excel document. If to export the measurement data to Excel, please try to use the measurement tool then go to Comment Format, then click Export to Excel.


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      Hi Cherry,
      i believe my office admin has set automatic update for the PhantomPDF installation. It was updated pretty recently, if i am not mistaken, but i'll check it tomorrow morning as i dont have it with me ATM.
      in regard to the snap tool issue, it happens pretty frequent. When i did my previous task/project before this current one, it crashed as well. Also, i usually do my take off on pdf files which has no image background, and it is a cad-generated pdf.
      To do the markup, I click on Comment, i usually turn on the all 4 snap tools, zoom in to the location which I want to measure (can be up to 400-600%), click on the starting point, then move the mouse to the next location. When I do that, foxit becomes sluggish and i can hear the sound of the computer (cpu activity is increasing). Tomorrow i'll try to use only one or two snap tool, and i'll tell you how it goes.

      can you tell me how to export data from fdf to excel, please?

      on adobe acrobat pro, when you use Measurement, then you right click on the pdf file,one of the right click option is "Export Measurement Mark Up to Excel..". Which then will create a CSV file of the mark up.

      For issue no. 3, i just realized that some of my items are grouped. It seems that when several items are grouped into one, foxit will consider it as 1 item instead of the number of individual items in the group. The work around it is to ungrouped the whole items, but then if i want to continue my marking, i have to group it again.
      For example, i want to count the number of traffic light, say in Perth, Australia. I have the perth cbd map with me. I pick one intersection. I create a circle, and I name it "traficlight". I place the circle at one corner of the intersection. I copy the circle. Paste the copy at the other corner and repeat that again for all 4 corners. Then I can group those 4 "trafficlight", then copy and paste the group at other intersection. I can even group, 4 or 10 groups to create larger group and then copy and paste it somewhere else. When my boss asked me, how many i have marked so far, i can just transfer the marking to an excel dan do a filter, sumif or countif. But, because i have to ungroups all of the group that i have created before, then to continue the work i have to recreate the groups again. And it can be pretty annoying when i am dealing with multiple markings which are very small and close to each other. As When i want to select/click on one markup, the other markup is selected.

      I hope it clarify a bit.
      thank you for the response.


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        dodybdg ,Thanks for your response.Have you checked the version information of your Foxit PhantomPDF? If it is not our latest version 9.6,please help to install the latest version by downloading it from the link below:
        If the issue " Foxit crashes (high CPU utilization) when I use snap tool",please help to send us the following information for further analysis:
        1:Your OS information(e.g.windows10x64bit).
        2:For the snap tool,do you mean any tool in the Snap group under 'Comment Format' tab after you having selected any measure tools. Please refer to attached screenshot:snap.jpg.
        3id this issue happen to any special PDF files or all PDF files? Please send us one PDF file sample.
        5:Please send us the crashlog.txt and crash.dmp files which could be found under the folder below:
        "C:\Users\[current username]\AppData\Local\Foxit PhantomPDF"
        All of the files you send will be kept confidential and only be used for internal testing.

        Regarding your request"need to transfer my Comment to excel for further use.",do you mean that you need to export measurement markup to excel document? If so,we already supports such function since V9.2.
        To export measurement markup into excel,please do the following:
        1:Click on "Comment"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF,select any tool in the Measure group(for example,select distance tool),then you could find that the new tab 'Comment Format' appears.
        2:Please click on "Export to Excel" icon under the "Comment Format" tab to export measurement markup in the opened PDF file into excel document.
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