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Discarding invalid objects when saving a file

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  • FAQ Discarding invalid objects when saving a file


    I feel annoyed about the delay where PhantomPDF says "Discarding invalid objects" "Deleting unreferenced data" when saving a pdf file. Especially when I am saving a large file it takes more time, and it is really hard to wait for it every time.

    There was no such feature in foxit reader, so I could save things quickly. I want to save from time to time when I am editing the file and I do not want it to delay.

    Is there any way to disable this feature?

    Thank you.
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    Sorry, there is no feature to disable the processes "Discarding invalid objects" "Deleting unreferenced data"while saving, I will forward your request to our team, they may consider it in future version.

    But may I know how long it will take to save the file? Can we get a sample file for further investigation?


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      124 MB PDF with 1400 pages
      40 seconds to save with Phantom (discarding invalid objects, then discarding invalid references)
      I saved with Foxit Reader in less than 5 seconds


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        May I know which version of Foxit PhantomPDF you are using? If it is convenient for you to send us the file sample to [email protected] for further investigation? Thank you.


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          I have the same problem, and it is a certified nuisance. On another machine, I have Phantom 9.7, which seems to do the same editing jobs but does not have both this disturbing feature and the one where the format panel pops out, obscuring part of the document (and the text box in which I was going to type). Is it just possible that this iteration of the program is not quite ready for prime time? Products are supposed to get better in succeeding versions, not worse.


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            [email protected] 1. For "Discarding invalid objects" when saving edited PDF file, can you please send sample file to us for testing?
            2. For Format Panel, it is a new UI design since version 11.0 and will be improved in next version 11.1 Foxit PDF Editor, which will be released a few months later. Can you please keep eye on Foxit site and update program to see if new version meet your requirement?