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Edit Multiple text Field on the same position on Multiple Pages

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  • Edit Multiple text Field on the same position on Multiple Pages

    How title, how to edit Multiple text Field on the same position on Multiple Pages? i want to remove all this text field, it is possible?

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    There are two optional ways to remove the text field on the same position on Multiple pages:
    1) You may open the "Manage form fields" pane, then select the text field from the pane then manually delete;
    2) Or you may use the Redaction feature in Foxit PhantomPDF Business to add a white block over the fields. You may go to Protect->Mark for Redaction->then drag a rectangle over the field, then open Properties->Appearance->then change the "Redacted Area Fill Color" to white->OK. Then right-click on the white block to choose "Place on Multiple Pages..." then click "Apply All".

    Please give it a try and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.


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      ok, i have tried but the "manage form field" pane is empty so, i can't use. Maibe there is a function to autofill and add al the field at the pane?
      The second option is unvaiable because the bacgroud of the text isn't white but colorfull, and different color from page to page.


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        Is it possible to email the PDF document in question and let us know which field on every page you'd like to delete so we could test on our side and better advise? If it is inconvenient to upload the document directly here, please email to, Attn: Cherry. Thank you.


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          Sorry, but i can't send the pdf. So there isn't a tool that delete an object in the same position across pages?


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            Kyldros ,Would you please help to remove some sensitive information from your PDF file before you sent it to ? You could use the "whiteout" tool under the "Protect"tab to erase information from PDF file. The file you send will be kept confidential and only be used for internal testing.


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              We have the same need. Our management software creates a report that when exported to PDF is a multipage file. The are two text field we want to eliminate. We have Foxit Phantom Std Running form field recognition does nothing.


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                To delete the text field, please go to Form->Text Filed or go to Home->Select->Select Annotation, then select the field and press Delete on the keyboard to delete it and see if it works for you. Thank you.


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                  Form Text Field and Home> Select> Select Annotation do nothing. Too bad Foxit can't display text fields / blocks as it does form fields. I saw someplace that version 9 has more edit options but that won't help us. We aren't allowed to upgrade to v9 by Foxit.

                  I downloaded the trial version Phantom Business and tried the redaction option. It only does the currently select text.
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