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Waiting on technical support - how long does this take

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  • Waiting on technical support - how long does this take

    We have several business licenses and I struck an issue with an upgrade on my main machine that caused me to be unable to put comments into PDF documents. I raised this in ticket number #232479 on Dec 12. I received a canned answer the same day, which did nothing to solve my problem. I replied further explaining my issue and including screenshots showing the issue. I have subsequently tried to bump the issue again. I am faced with a wall of silence - no contact. I really need to use this software in my day-to-day and Foxit by not responding are letting down my business badly. Have others experienced this poor level of customer service from Foxit? What is the average resolution time for issues? Can I expect to ever get a non-canned response?

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    Hi Moriatynz,

    Sorry for the problem you encountered. It has been confirmed to be a bug that the typewriter tool doesn't wok when the Ribbon is minimized in Foxit PhantomPDF and Foxit Reder version 6.1.1. We've fixed this issue in our current internal version. The next release (version 6.1.2) will no longer have this problem.

    For your current workaround, please open Foxit PhantomPDF->go under 'File'->'Change Toolbar Mode'->switch to 'Classic Toolbar Mode'. Your kind understanding is appreciated.


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      Hello Cherry,
      The workaround you mentioned works. I am now able to use the typewriter, callout and textbox tools. Thank you.