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Is there any way to change key combinations for shortcuts?

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  • Is there any way to change key combinations for shortcuts?

    I'm relatively new to Foxit PhantomPDF, and still familiarizing myself with it. Is there any way for me to add or change keystroke shortcuts for my most commonly used tools?

    Also, Is there any way to change font styles in a text form field (unprotected document)? I enabled rich text, but CTRL + B takes me to adding a new bookmark instead of switching the font style to bold. The text edit tab was greyed out too so I couldn't manually change the style. I had to open up a word document and then copy paste my formatted text into the field.

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    1) To customize the keyboard shortcuts, please do as below:
    Right-click any area on the ribbon and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar …. In the pop-up Customize Tools dialog box, choose Keyboard tab.
    2) If to change font style in a text formfield, you may go to "Form"->"Text Field"->then right-click on the textfield to open "Properties"->"Appearance" then change the font size, font color and font type there. I also forwarded your request as suggestion to Product team so they may consider to add "text style" when right-clicking on the filled text so we could quickly switch the font style. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-11124.
    If the tool you used to fill out the form is typewriter, then you may simply go to Comment->Typewriter->then double-click on the text then select the text and change the text format from under "Comment Format" menu. Thank you.