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  • Installation problem


    I am once again looking for an alternate to Acrobat (for multiple reasons...). I downloaded PhantomPDF a few days back to evaluate it but have been so far unable to get it to install. I get an error message and then the installer bails out. I've inquired with the support folks with no luck (issue #366461); it may be that since I'm not yet a paid user the priority isn't there. They did send a link for a beta version to try but it failed to install also.

    After my initial failure to get the package to install I went to the KB article covering this failure; the references to Win XP and ARM processor do not apply. The reference to the print spooler was unhelpful, as it was enabled. I did stop the service, restarted, and printed the KB screen to a laser printer. The service is definitely functioning.

    My system configuration is the following:

    Dell t7500 workstation with 48G memory
    1TB SATA SSD boot drive for the OS's
    1TB NVMe storage and scratch SSD for apps
    5.5TB RAID5 data storage (Adaptec controller)

    Win7/Win10 OS's (dual boot) I'm installing to the Win10 OS, as I have Acrobat X being used under Win7

    If anyone can offer ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'd really, really like to dump Adobe.

    Thanks much for your time...


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    Cliff Ober ,For this issue you mentioned,we need your help to install Foxit PhantomPDF via command line to gather installation log file which will be helpful for our dev team to investigate the issue further.
    We have sent you the instructions for gathering log file in ticket 366461,please check your inbox and then help to send us requried information by email.