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Can't edit text after OCR

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  • Can't edit text after OCR

    I followed the instructional video to convert a scanned PDF with OCR for it to be editable text. Afterwards, when I click on Edit text, and the try to actually edit the text, I get this message: "Edit Text Tool is not available on rotated, vertical, sheared or flipped text object. Please try Edit Object Tool to continue." FoxIt's support said to use "Edit Object Tool" as well, but that is not acceptable. In the instructional video on the website, it shows you being able to click Edit Text tool and modify it as you would expect. The Edit Object tool only lets you edit one word at a time.

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    Since the texts are slightly rotated (We could not see it although) Edit text tool is not working for this, we have reported it as suggestion to our team for future improvement.
    For now, under Edit->Edit object->text tool, please select all the texts by dragging a rectangle box around them and click TT button to merge texts, then you can edit it like edit text tool.
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