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    Would someone please try to help me understand the logic behind links and appending to pdf's as implemented in PhantomPDF?

    One of my most used functions in Acrobat over the years has been to right-click a link in a pdf document and select "Append to Document" to have that linked document (or web page) appended to the document I'm working with. I've seen discussions here mention that other documents (only pdf's?) can only be appended to pdf that is closed. Imagine my surprise to find a function under the Edit tab menu called "Web Links". It will append every linked web page on the document I have open to that document WHILE I HAVE IT OPEN. I can't select ONE link and have it appended, but every link on the page, no problem.

    I've been using Acrobat since version 1 (in 1993), and I don't ever recall needing to append *ALL* links. I have made thousands of pdf's with 1, 2, or a half dozen linked documents appended; where is the logic here? Can it somehow be improved (preferably in the near future)?

    For several years I've wanted so badly to find a product that could fully replace Acrobat. PhantomPDF is oh-so-close, but something like this just blows it out of the water...


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    Cliff Ober Thanks for your feedback. The requirement has been submitted to DEV team for checking by ID#PHANTOM-11631, any updates will inform you. thanks.