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is there an appx package for powershell installation?

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  • is there an appx package for powershell installation?

    I'm looking to simplify device configurations. I see already that Foxit PhantomPDF is listed in the Microsoft Store. I want to install that version (so I don't have to maintain separate install media myself) then authorize it using our site license key. From what I can tell, this process requires Appx details from the software vendor.
    1. Does Foxit even have this file? They got listed in the Microsoft Store, so they must have it somewhere, right? But "appx" turns up nothing in the KnowledgeBase.
    2. Assuming I bother to click buttons in the gui on the Microsoft Store to install Foxit PhantomPDF, then how do I use a command line to activate the license file that I have? Or does that require more gui work to copy-paste text from file to window? I've tried running my "activation.exe" program with various "/help -help /? -?" parameters, but nothing tells me of any command line options for it.
    I can submit a ticket if necessary.

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    Ahhhhhh... that's a differently-maintained package. I successfully downloaded, installed, and ran (as Business edition) the version from the Microsoft Store using their store gui. Easy! Unfortunately, there is no way to activate my existing license. The options always take me back to the Microsoft Store to purchase there instead. I can't use my site license info.

    Minor bug: The Foxit self-documentation pdf from this Microsoft Store version is the original pc version, so its instructions about license Activation are wrong.

    I guess I'll have to uninstall this version then go through the older install method.

    Feature request: I'd really like an appx package from Foxit, so I can install with my local license (and from powershell command line) by using the Microsoft Store for the download source of the latest version.


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      Sorry, the installation and activation for Foxit PhantomPDF for Windows Store version are different from Foxit PhantomPDF in our official website(called Foxit PhantomPDF GA version) , the activation and purchase of Foxit PhantomPDF Windows Store version is managed by Windows Store, you can only purchase it and activate it via windows store.
      if you purchase the license from our official website, it is not valid for Windows store version, may I will suggest you to install GA version manually?