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  • Resolved Responce file for completed forms

    I have a form that was created in Acrobat that has an option to be submitted through email. When the response is received and opened in Acrobat there is an option to “Add Completed Form to Response File”. The response file basically takes all the fields and added the data to a single row in a spreadsheet. Row1 would be the field name and Row2+ would be the data in the field with each row being from an individual form that was returned. I have had trouble finding any information on if Phantom has an option to export the data in a competed form as a single row into a spreadsheet. Does anyone know if this is possible.

    Attach is an example of going from the form to a spreadsheet. Top is completed form and I select the option "Add Completed Form to Response File” To get the second image. Then I export to Excel and get the bottom image as the output.

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    May I suggest you try the feature Form to sheet under the Form menu in Foxit PhantomPDF to see if it helps?

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      Thank you, that got me exactly where I needed to be.