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  • Change text color & background in the whole book


    I want to know if there is anyway to change all of the text color and the background color in all page of a book and save the file. I al aware of "replace document color" menu on the Preferences dialog box but it change the " current view" and don't do anything permanent on the file. I have a book which I read it on my PC and my iPad. While I use "night mode" on the Foxit MobilePDF on my iPad, it changes background color to black but the texts remain in some level of grey which is unreadable. So by manually changing the background color of the book to black and all texts to white and saving it I want to make it readable on my iPad too. I was able to change the background color in the Organize > Background menu but wasn't able to find a way to change color of the all texts in the book. Also there is limited options of changing the page color in the Foxit MobilePDF, but there is no such thing for the text on iPad too.

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    AdamFreemotion ,I am sorry that there is still no quick way for you to change color for all texts in PDF file at once.We could only change the color of all of texts in one page in PDF file at one time. According to your request,we have submitted the suggestion"Support to select texts on all pages in PDF file at the same time to change the color" as a new feature request with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-1860,so that it may be considered in future versions.

    To change texts color in one page,please do as follows:
    Go to "Edit"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Edit Object/text" ,please single click on any text in PDF page,then press "Ctrl+A" shortcut keys on your keyboard to make all of the texts in existing page to be selected,right click on the selected texts and choose "Properties" option in the pop-up context menu to bring up the "Text Object Properties" window where you could costom fill color there. Please refer to attached screenshot´╝Üfill color.jpg.

    For Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for ios,we could only change color for texts in each paragraph at once and there is really no option for adding background for PDF file. I have also submitted the suggestions"Support to change texts color for the whole PDF file in Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for ios" and "Support to add background for PDF file in Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for ios" with suggestion IDs#MOB-4729 and MOB-4730.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.

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      I have be en extremely relieved you put u p this video on change the ba ckgro und. I imple mented yo ur incred ible tips and consequently ha d the time get super next to th e way I desired. i worked ti r ele ssly on it for three hou rs and it was awesome! And then I stumbled upon thi s unusua l glitch that I couldn't fix. I especially attempt ed reinstalling the application and afterwards nothing.
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        clikord ,I am sorry that I am still not clear about what was the problem you encountered. Would you please help to rephrase it in more details with some illustrated screenshots,so that we could know the situation you mentioned better and further advise.

        Look forward to your reply.