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  • Printing a snapshot

    I am having issues in printing the snapshot I create from a pdf. Although the print preview looks correct, the page which emerges from my printer is only part of the snapshot, or even a completely different part of the pdf. What can I do to correct this error?
    I hope someone can help me.

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    Hi SAJS2110,

    Could you please kindly provide the following info for further advising? (If it is inconvenient to upload the info here, please email to [email protected].)
    1) Version info of your Foxit PhantomPDF;
    2) A copy of the mentioned PDF document;
    3) Instructions about how to replicate the issue;
    4) A screenshot of your print dialog and a picture/image of the problematically printout.

    Thank you in advance.


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      For your current workaround, you may use the snapshot tool, then go to 'Start'->'All Programs'->'Accessories'->'Paint'->press Ctrl V to paste the snapshot and save it as an image for printing.