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    Hello, I am new on this forum. Is there a way to export form fields (text field, combo box,..) to similar pdf, so that I don t have to do it again on new pdf, all fields are on the same position. So I have a lot of same pdf and I want that receiver of the pdf to fill out only in fields I want. And that I don’t do it for all 100 pdf. So I want to export and import form fields without autorun Form Field Recognition, I don't want every time to set form fields in new pdf.

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    alienfrik I am sorry that Foxit PhantomPDF doesn't support support to export form fields to other PDF file. According to your request,I have submitted the suggestion "export Form fields (text field, combo box,..) from PDF form to similar PDF directly" as a new feature request to our product management team's further consideration with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-14674. For your current workaround,please do as follows to copy all of the form fields in one page from one PDF file to the similar page in another PDF file:
    1:Open the first PDF form file in Foxit PhantomPDF application,please switch to the page where you want to copy its form fields there,please choose "Form">"Select>Select Annotation" this tool,then press "Ctrl+A" to make all of form fields to be selected,press "Ctrl+C" to copy those select form fields in the current view page.
    2:Switch to the similar page in another PDF file, select "Hand" tool or "Select/Select Annotation" tool,press "Ctrl+V" on the page to paste all of the form fields that you have copied before into existing page. Then you could choose to drag and move those selected form fields to adjust their location.
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      Thank you for your answer. For the people how are working a lot with computers is this very simple, but for people that are not working a lot whit computers, it is easy to have a command export form and import forms to the same destination.


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        alienfrik ,Thanks for your reply. We will keep you informed once the new feature request "export Form fields (text field, combo box,..) from PDF form to similar pdf directly" is realized in one of the future released versions.