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    We utilize SolarWinds 3rd party patcher to deploy Foxit updates and every thing there is an update there is a trivial process that changes every time an update is released in how to get them installed. There is usually a name error and then a checksum error. Where are the locations that all the exe can be downloaded from? It seems that some of the locations have been removed or changed and it has made it harder to push and install updates. End users do not have permissions to install new apps or updates so what is the best way to deploy updates and not have so many issues or errors in doing so?

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    We apologize for the inconvenience. For the issue "There is usually a name error and then a checksum error when utilize SolarWinds 3rd party patcher to deploy Foxit updates ",please help to provide with us the following information:
    1:Your OS information( 10x64bit).
    2: Which verison of SolarWinds you are using?
    3: If you still could capture the error messages about name error or checksum error,please take screenshots of them for us.
    4: Which version and which language of Foxit PhantomPDF did you use before update/upgrade it with SolarWinds?
    5:Please go to "Start"->"Run"-> input regedit -> find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF",then take a screenshot about the opened Registry Editor to show us the value of the "InstallerType" there. To make a screenshot, please press "PrScrn SysRq" on the keyboard, then paste it into Word/Paint and save.

    Our installer packages are located under the following servers:

    For both of minor update versions and major upgrade versions,Foxit doesn't configure and provide update patch on update server,Foxit only provide full installer package (.fzip format) on update srever,so Foxit PhantomPDF will only downloaded the update/upgrade package automatically and then it will still pop up message which asks user to select install or not install the downloaded package even the option "Automatically install updates" under "updater" tab in preferences dialog box is checked.
    Normally,for those end users without admin privilege,IT team will arrange to install and update/upgrade programs for end users in batch. For example,IT team will install update/upgrade from commandline or GPO deployments or create an Administrative Installation Point (AIP) on the Publish Server or 3rd party software management solutions, SCCM deployment and SCUP -Microsoft's System Center Updates Publish,etc.
    For related articles,please refer to the following pages:
    There are following methods for IT team to know when the update/upgrade is released:

    The first method:
    Check the versions history and subscribe newsletter to get notified of PhantomPDF releases and security bulletins from the page below:
    (Input your email address there and click on 'Subscribe' there).

    The second method:
    Click on "Help" tab>"Check for updates" to open the Foxit PhantomPDF Updater dialog box where Foxit could detect the minor update versions there.

    The third method:
    With the option "Automatically install updates" or "Automatically download updates,but let me choose when to install them" selected under "update" tab in "Preferences" dialog box,then our Foxit PhantomPDF will connect to update server to detect and download the update/upgrade package every three days and then ask users to install or not install it.

    For further discussing the update/upgrade related questions,please help to write to [email protected] (Attn.Lisa) and indicate this thread link when you email to us.


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      I was able to use SCUP for PhantomPDF but not able to install Reader with a similar configuration.


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        Would you please provide the info that Lisa listed so we could further investigate the issue? Thank you.