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Removing "mail to" links

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  • Removing "mail to" links


    I am new to foxit PDF and have a document where redacted an email address; however, there is a "mail to" link that I can't figure out how to delete. If click on the redacted text, a new email to that address pops up. I tried deleting all web links. I also went back to the original word document and made sure to remove the link before converting to PDF, but it's still there in the pdf document. I know I could just go back and remove that text from the word document entirely before converting, but this is bugging me and I'd really like to figure out how to do it.

    Thanks in advance!


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    rbb ,We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. For this situation you mentioned,please help to send us the PDF file in question for us to take a closer look at first and then we will give you further advise based on the PDF file you send. If it is not convenient to upload PDF file on forum,please help to send it to [email protected] (Attn.Lisa) and indicate this thread link when you email to us.

    Look forward to your reply.