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automatic form field and save

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  • automatic form field and save

    I have problems I don't know how to solve it.
    1. I have text form field (numbers), and now I want to make a button and when I press the button it has to save the pdf file into the exact folder on my pc, But the name of the saved file has to be same as the numbers in form field. Is this possible? automatic form field and save
    2. I have to make button that has a function to insert pdf/docx/xlsx/jpg or from clipboard to the pdf but not as attached file it has to be inserted below the page which has the button to insert.
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    alienfrik Currently, your requirement cannot be implemented in Foxit directly, they should be program by Javascript. I have ask our team for help by ID#PHANTOM-14710, PHANTOM-14711, any updates will inform you. thanks
    Besides, Foxit provide image field under Form menu, which can be used for create an image field and allow to insert image object when click the field. Can you please check? tks