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Edit or select text in reply to comment?

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  • Edit or select text in reply to comment?

    I am using PhantomPDF on Windows 10.

    I replied to a comment, and found that I cannot edit my reply. I also can't select any of the text in order to edit the reply in a text editor (which I planned to paste into a new reply after deleting the old one).

    Is there any way to access the text of my reply? If not, is this by design? Why would this "locking" of text and inability to copy text be designed in?

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    A Reply to a comment is designed to be selected and edited. Please double click a comment and a pop up will be opened, then you could edit the reply in the pop up note.


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      When I double-click a comment, nothing pops up to allow me to edit the reply to the comment.

      This forum does not allow me to upload an image, so please find a screen shot here:
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        JustaFoxitUser Thanks for your response.Please double click on the note icon in PDF page to bring up a pop up which contains the comments and its reply there,then you could double click on the comments and its reply in the pop up window to edit them. If the issue still persists,please help to send us on PDF file in question for us take a closer testing on our part.If it is not convenience to upload PDF file on forum,please send it to [email protected] (Attn.Lisa) and indicate this thread link when you email to us.
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          That works perfectly! Thanks, Lisa. I was trying to double-click on the replies in the Comments pane instead of double-clicking the Note icon embedded in the main document, or the actual area-highlighting in the main document.

          In summary, for those who are just tuning in, to edit replies to comments in Notes or Area Highlighting, you have to double-click those things in the main document rather than in the Comments pane.