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Pointer switches to text selector even with "Hand" icon depressed

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  • Bug Pointer switches to text selector even with "Hand" icon depressed

    I am using PhantomPDF and do not have the liberty of upgrading right now.

    I have the Hand icon depressed, but the pointer often switches to text selection, preventing me from quickly panning. It does this sometimes when it is above text, and sometimes when it is above graphics.

    Is this behaviour a bug? Can I do anything to prevent it?

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    JustaFoxitUser Could you please go to FILE menu>Preference>General> check option "make hand tool select text" is checked or not? If yes, please uncheck it and see result.
    Please correct me if I misunderstand your problem. That would be much helpful if you can make screenshot pictures to show the issue. thanks.
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      Thanks, Amanda! That solved the problem!

      I am curious, though, where is there such a check box when the Home ribbon allows one to switch between Hand and text selection? Isn't the whole point of a Hand tool to avoid text selection? Maybe I'm missing something about how to advantageously use PhantomPDF.


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        JustaFoxitUser With the option "Make Hand Tool Select Text" checked in Prefences dialog box,it would enable the Hand tool to become text selection tool when moving it to the selectable texts ,that is the reason why your pointer often switches to text selection.This option makes it easy for users who often need to select and copy PDF contents when viewing PDF ,they could select texts with the "Hand Tool" activated without manually switching from Hand tool to "select>select text and imageā€¯tool.
        Hope this explanation makes sense.


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          It does, thanks. However, I think that the hybrid mode makes the Select Text pointer unnecessary.