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Cursor-down moves a lot more than 1 or 2 lines

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  • Cursor-down moves a lot more than 1 or 2 lines

    I am using PhantomPDF on Windows 7. When I read a PDF document and press cursor-down, it scrolls down a lot more than a few lines, but not exactly a full page.

    Troubleshooting step #1: When I do the same in another app (e.g., Firefox), it only scrolls down a few lines, as desired.

    Troubleshooting step #2: I am using a Toshiba Portege R930 laptop, and the Scroll Lock key is not easy to find. I used the on-screen keyboard to toggle Scroll Lock. This has no impact on the scrolling behaviour in PhantomPDF. To launch the on-screen keyboard, see

    Why is the cursor-down key having such an unusual effect in PhantomPDF? What was the intended purpose of this behaviour? Is there any way to get the more usual behaviour of scrolling a few lines?
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    It turns out that Arrow Up/Down does not scroll when Select Text is enabled. Instead, it just moves the cursor / insertion point through the text. When the cursor scrolls off the bottom (or top) of the screen, the document pans an entire screenful. It may not be obvious that this is happening unless you notice the presence of the cursor (which can be hard to see, as it is camouflaged by the text).

    In order for Arrow Up/Down to pan/scroll a few lines at a time, the Hand tool must be enabled.


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      JustaFoxitUser ,We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.We are also able to scroll down/up in PDF page smoothly by pressing the up/down arrow key on our keyboard with the "Select Text and Image" tool selected in Foxit PhantomPDF v9.7.2 and Foxit PhantomPDF v10 on our part.Would you please help to update your Foxit PhantomPDF to a newer version 9.7.2 to see if it helps? You could download it from the link below:

      If the issue still persists,please help to send us the following information:
      1:Your OS information( 10x64bit).
      2id this issue happen to some particular PDF files or all PDF files? Please send us one PDF file sample. If the file is not convenience to upload on forum,please email it to [email protected] (Attn.Lisa) and indicate this thread link when you email to us.
      3:Please help to use the licecap tool to generate an animated gif that shows us the situation"scrolls down a lot more than a few lines":

      (Unzip it, then double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)
      4:If the Foxit PhantomPDF you are using is licensed version,please help to send us your order information(such as order number,billing email address,activation code,etc) to [email protected] (Attn.Lisa),so that we will help you to locate to your order to see whether you are eligible to upgrade to V10 or not.

      Look forward to your reply.