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Sharepoint saving when trying to digitally sign

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  • Sharepoint saving when trying to digitally sign

    We have SharePoint 2013 15.0.4569.1506 on server 2016 and we have been changing users over to Foxit Phantom PDF. We have many pdf documents that need to be signed, but when someone clicks the signature block, gets pop and chooses which certificate to use, then clicks sign, we get a pop up wanting to save the document to the users temp folder (see screen shot). This happens when the document is checked out, when the document is not checked out it wants you to save it to a different locations on their computer. What do I need to do to get it to save back to SharePoint? For users with Adobe it is saving back to SharePoint. When I make a change to the document (using foxit), other than signature, it will save it back to SharePoint.

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    Sorry for the trouble. Please help provide us with the following info for further investigation.
    1. How do you open pdf file from Sharepoint in Foxit PhantomPDF? Do you open it via File>Open>Add a place in Foxit PhantomPDF?
    2. The version of Foxit PhantomPDF you are using.
    3. Please open Foxit PhantomPDF, go to File>Preferences>ECM Intergration, check which option you select for How to open the document in SharePoint, the third one is recommended.
    4. Does it happen to any files? If it happens to a specific file, please send us the sample for internal test.
    5. Does it just happen when you sign pdf file? How about editing?



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      Normally we go to the Library tab (in SharePoint) and Open with Explorer, this way we can edit. I have also tried adding in foxit, like you describe in #1, same thing, I get the popup to save in my temp folder.

      Foxit version I recently updated to Version: Edition is Business, but it was doing this before too.

      In ECM Integration I have Allow you to choose when opening a document, but have also had it set to Check out and Open. Most of our users have it set to Allow you to choose when opening a document.

      It only happens when signing a document, both 4 and 5 of your post was answered in my first post, I can edit (other than signing) and save and it saves to SharePoint.


      • #4 ,Thanks for your response.We have forwarded this situation you mentioned to our QA team already with report ID#QCPHANTOM-25746.You will be kept informed for any updates about this report.


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 ,Regarding this situation "Sharepoint saving issue when trying to digitally sign "you mentioned,we have received updates from our QA team.
          At present, Adobe application performs two different saving mechanisms after having added digital signature files on local PDF files and sharePoint PDF files.
          If it is a local PDF file,Adobe will also pop up a prompt save as window to save as the signed file. If it is PDF file that have been checked out from sharepoint,adobe could simply save and check in the signed PDF file back to sharepoint.

          However, Foxit PhantomPDF would always prompt user to save as the signed PDF file no matter it is a local PDF file or a PDF file that checked out from sharepoint.
          In other words,Foxit doesn't treat local files differently from those on sharepoint when placing signature.

          Regarding the above situation,we have already submitted the suggestion"Hope Foxit PhantomPDF also could support to save and check in PDF file directly to Sharepoint after having added digital signature like Adobe does" as a new feature request to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHRD-1984,so that it may be considered in future versions.

          As a temp workaround,please save as the signed PDF file in the temp folder and then manually click on "Share"tab in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Check in" button in "Sharepoint" group to check in the signed PDF file back to sharepoint. For the specific steps you have to do,please refer to animated gif file"how to.gif":

          Meanwhile, it must be mentioned that there is still a known problem in version 9.7.2 .The known problem is that if you will fail to manually check in the signed PDF file to sharepoint(Report ID#QCPHANTOM-21934) .To know details about the issue,you may refer to gif file"Version 9.7.gif":

          This known problem won't happen in V9.6 of Foxit PhantomPDF and it also has been fixed in V10 of Foxit PhantomPDF.
          To get around the above known issue in V9.7,please do the followings:
          1. Download our newly compiled sharepoint plugin for V9.7 from: Un-compress the zip package to extract bug fixed SharePoint plugin "IntegrateWithSP.fpi"
          2. Go to plugins folder under the installation directory of Foxit PhantomPDF, by default the path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit PhantomPDF\plugins, rename existing "IntegrateWithSP.fpi" to "IntegrateWithSP.fpioriginal".
          3. Put bug fixed "IntegrateWithSP.fpi" into same path.
          4. Access a file from SharePoint (via IE) or Foxit PhantomPDF application, digitally sign the file and check in the file. Open the file again to see if the digital signature appears or not.
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            Thanks for replying, that workaround works with the download for the new plugin. It still looks like it is going to my temp, but it does not, it goes back to SharePoint. The problem I see is that the save does not work, you need to X out of Foxit, which is not a problem for me, that's what I normally do, but users are used to saving first.

            I have tried to update foxit it to 10, but it tells me there are no updates available.

            Thanks for the workaround.


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     Please click the download link of version 10.0 Foxit PhantomPDF and install it to see result. tks


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                I'm a little leery, it says new licensed required.


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                  Please help email us your order or license key to [email protected], we will check if there is any free upgrade for you. Thanks.


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                    I got an email back from foxit, we would have to pay an extra $89.50 per user. Thanks for all the help, the plug in works fine, plus we still have adobe users.