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Can Foxit Phantom use the GPU to accelerate scrolling?

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  • Feature Can Foxit Phantom use the GPU to accelerate scrolling?

    I'm having slow scrolling speed in Phantom ( using my 4K monitor.

    I was looking at the GPU usage report on Win10 Task Manager to see if the situation could be improved somehow. Much to my surprise I realized that GPU utilization with Foxit Phantom is always zero! Foxit doesn't seem to have any type of GPU-assisted functionality, so scrolling has to be handled by the software.

    This was unexpected as a large number of software can use the GPU to accelerate scrolling. I'm using Firefox, Thunderbird, Edge, Libre Office and they all task the GPU when you scroll a document and it's fast; however Phantom does not and (unfortunately) and it shows. Scrolling a document with graphics tasks the CPU only, and is really slow.

    Is this something that will be supported soon? I read of a Mac user that was complaining about Foxit Reader always using the High-Performance GPU (the discrete unit) on MacOS ( I can't believe that in Mac the GPU is always used and in Windows never.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong or a setting I'm missing?

    Thank you,

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. I have reported the issue to our team for further investigation, ID:PHANTOM-14848.

    In addition, for the slow scrolling issue, does it happen to any pdf files?If it happens to a specific file, please send us the sample for internal test.
    Your system info, like win7 32-bit, if it is windows10, please send us the screenshot of the panel"Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\System Information".
    If it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to [email protected]. Thank you in advance.

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      I am doing a bit more of digging as I found out that the problem happens only on specific files and not others. Still the GPU utilization in Windows 10-64bit task manager is always shown at zero. I am having a problem sending you the files as they contain proprietary information; but I will do my best to try and see if I can simulate the problem with a document that doesn't have an issue.

      I'm trying to attach Win 10 Sys Info, but I get an error message saying that I cannot upload or delete attachments. How can I change this?

      Thank you,


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        If you're using Foxit PhantomPDF Business edition, you may create a copy of the PDF document then use the "Whiteout" or "Redaction" tool under Protect menu to erase the senstive info and send us the PDF document or simply export one or two pages that may have reproduced the issue then send us the file for testing.

        Regarding attaching the file here, could you please make a screenshot of the error? You may also choose to email to [email protected] the files directly. Thank you.


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          Please help email us the below info for further investigation.
          1. The pdf file in question for internal test, after test, we will delete it.
          2. Where is the involved pdf file? Save in the local disk? or Network drive?
          3. Your PC model, screen resolution, and your system info.
          4. Which mode do you select for viewing the file? Single,Continues or Facing?


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