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Crate PDF in VBA without visible Phantom app

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  • Feature Crate PDF in VBA without visible Phantom app

    I'm trying to create PDF files using VBA code in my MS Access database, and whenever I create an instance of PhantomPDF in code it creates a visible instance of the application; is there a way to create a "hidden" instance of Phantom from VBA code? I don't see any flags or properties for the PhantomPDF Application object to set Visible = False or anything.

    Sample code:

    Dim phApp as PhantomPDF.Application
    Dim phCreator as PhantomPDF.Creator
    Set phApp = New PhantomPDF.Application
    Set phCreator = phApp.Creator
    Call phCreator.CombineFiles("list of files", DestinationFile, COMBINE_DEFAULT)

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    ws1o May I know what's version of Foxit PhantomPDF do you use? Actually, since version 10.0, Foxit PhantomPDF supports to create PDF from MS OFFICE by VBA and do not launch program. Can you please refer to detailed instruction by User Manual?
    For related code: phSetting.ViewPDFFile = True
    Also, please try to create a "hidden". (attached pics for reference.) thanks.
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