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  • Form Field Captions/Labels

    Is there a recommended way to add form field captions/labels?

    In Adobe LiveCycle Designer, for example, each text field, drop down field, check box, etc. has a text caption associated with it that you can (most commonly) align to the left or the top. The caption is an intrinsic part of the field, in other words. Most notably the caption moves with the field--this makes editing much easier.

    In PhantomPDF and other non-Adobe PDF editors I haven't seen an equivalent.

    So with that said, what it the "right" way to add captions to fields in PhantomPDF? And yes, while I realize the text tool will work, it is far from ideal.


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    Hi DerekAtdOLaw,

    Could you please kindly make a screenshot of the Form Field Captions/Labels you want so we better advise? If we don't have this feature in Foxit PhantomPDF, I'll forward your request as suggestion to PhantomPDF PM team so we could consider to add it to future versions. Thank you.

    BTW, you may also email the screenshot/picture to [email protected].


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      See attached.

      In Adobe LiveCycle Designer a form field (by design) _has_ a caption associated with the field (notice the selection rectangle in the screenshot). In FoxIt I'm forced to add a text object each and every time (notice the selection rectangle is separate for the "caption"). This is huge productivity hit on forms containing hundreds (or even dozens) of fields. Not only is it a separate control to add, but the objects don't move together for aligning, rearranging, etc. The most annoying part is the need to switch back and forth between different ribbons/tools--Edit/Text -> Form/Text Field -> Edit/Text...and so on.

      I'm not sure if that is the only way to add a caption to a text field (or drop down, check box, etc.) in FoxIt. Any suggestions would be awesome.
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