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  • Template that can be applied over PDF

    I would like to be able to create a template for a form that I can apply to the output generated by PDF creation from a word document. We have a form that is generated through word from data that is pulled from our CRM and it has to be done in word. We then want to create a form from the output that allows the customer to digitally sign the document and return it. There are multiple places to fill in and to sign and we don't want to have to create the fields every time the document is created. We currently use Adobe Acrobat to create our PDFs but it does not have that option so I am looking for software that will.

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    DryBSMT As your description, we advise you have a try on Foxit PhantomPDF, which supports to recognise form fields and user able to fill in text fields, click signature field to sign.
    Can you please create PDF from Word? then go to Form menu and click "Run Form Field Recognition", finally, please check if all fields are recognised. thanks.


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      You should use the "Replace pages" feature, which replace the layout only, leaving all form fields (and comments, and metadata) untouched.


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        Yes, we could try to go to File->CreatePDF->From blank page then go to "Forms" to create a form template. Or you may open one PDF then use the "Run Form Field Recognition" to create the form fields automatically, then go to "Edit"->"Edit All" then Ctrl+A to select all objects to delete then save the template.
        Then open the form template, go to "Organize"->"Replace" then choose the PDF document you'd like to replace, then go to File->Save as and save the form.

        Thank you.