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  • FAQ Save Multi Tabs one time

    Please is there any way to save multi-tabs I am working on it one time? without asking me to save each file & apply the signature every time?
    I want to save all tabs I opened & I worked on it applying also all signature I put it to all my files.

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    Lisa_lee Could you please help me regarding this issue?


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      [email protected], Thanks for contacting Foxit Support. Currently Foxit PhantomPDF really would bring up the save as dialog box each time when you place each digitial signature in PDF file. According to this situation,I have submitted the suggestion "Add option of do not ask save as when place signature" as new feature request with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-12667,
      so that it may be considered by our product management team in future versions.

      If you want to add the same signature in all PDF files,you could choose to apply signature to mutiple files in bulk by doing as follows:
      1:Open one of the PDF file firstly,please click on "Protect">"Sign&Certify">"Place signature",press and hold the mouse button down, and drag to draw a signature field for
      your signature.
      2: In Sign Document dialog box, choose a digital ID from drop-down menu,then please select the option "Apply to Multiple Files" to open the "Sign Multiple Documents" window.
      In the pop-up "Sign Multiple Documents" dialog box, do the following:
      Click "Add files", and choose "Add Files", "Add Folder", or "Add Open Files" to add files, folders or opened files that you want to sign with the same digital signature.
      By default, the document will be signed in a sequence as they are ordered in the Sign Multiple Documents dialog box. You can adjust the order of files by its name, modified time, or size by clicking the corresponding column name.
      Alternatively, drag and drop the file in the list to adjust its order. Select a file and click the Remove button to delete it, if necessary.Click Output Options to specify the output folder and file name for the signed PDF document.
      Click "Sign Immediately". And then Foxit PhantomPDF will sign your PDF documents with the same digital signature at the same location as your current document, and saved the signed documents in the folder you specified.
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