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how to control media playback via javascript in Foxit

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  • lyndi_wu

    Sorry for the delay reply. It seems that your case has been followed up by our workmate Richell, if you have any questions, please reply that email.


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  • moonlight2020
    Thanks for the reply, I tried to send email, but still no reply.

    Could you pls. give me some advice on the possibility of manipulating media playbacks with the javascript API?

    Looking forward to your reply.

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  • richell_huang
    Yes, some of the javascript API for Adobe Acrobat are not working in Foxit. We do have the related javascript API document, you may send an email to [email protected] to request it, thank you.

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  • how to control media playback via javascript in Foxit


    I try to figure out if the javascript API for Adobe Acrobat is also applicable to Foxit reader, it seems some of the API in acrobat is not working in Foxit, like annotRichMedia.

    I also tried to add mediabutton with javascript code to control the mp4 media embedded in a pdf file, the generated pdf could show the annotation and play well, but I haven't figure out how to control the embedded media playback through mediabuttons with javascript, like play, pause, seek, etc.

    Any suggestions about the javascript API difference between Acrobat and Foxit, any javascript API for Foxit available?

    Any detailed Foxit Javascript API available for me to practice?

    Thanks for your attention.