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Append a page in batch mode

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  • Append a page in batch mode


    is it possible to add a page to many PDFs in a directory?

    I have a directory with several thousand PDFs. A further page should be added to these at the end. Is there an automatic way to do this? In the action wizard I only found the option to swap a page, not to append it.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for the post. Please try below function and see if it helps.
    1 Open the file which contains the page you would like to add to other documents.
    2 Click Organize -- Insert -- Into File, select a target document, click Open.
    3 In 'Insert pages into' window, click Add files add your documents into list, then add the page.
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      Thanks a lot for the quick response. That's working. However, the number of target documents that can be selected is limited. I guess it is due to the total length of all the paths selected. But that's OK. It already helps me a lot.
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