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Extracting the 1st page of merged documents

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  • Extracting the 1st page of merged documents


    I am currently taking 15-20 PDFs at a time and combining them into one PDF. Then I manually select the 1st page of all the files and extract them.

    I have to do this 10-15 or sometimes 20 times a day.

    Each PDF has a coversheet followed by an unknown number of pages.

    I just need to get these coversheets into one PDF.

    Is there a faster way to do this.

    I have used the action wizard before but cannot find a way to use the "logical" first page of every document so there doesn't seem to be a way to have it use an action to grab just the coversheets.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

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    WilliamDuffy ,Thanks for using Foxit Support. According to your request,we suggest you choose to use the delete pages this action wizard to delete the first pages from your multiple files before you combine them. In the action wizard,please choose to input the physical page number there(For example,all of those coversheets are in the first page of the each document,please just input number 1 there).
    After you having deleted the coversheets from those PDF files,then choose to merge documents into one PDF file again.
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      i want to KEEP the coversheets only

      and if i already merged them they would be spread out on pages 1,5,9,14,17. but those numbers would change as there is an unknown number of pages between them each time
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        WilliamDuffy ,I am sorry that I mistakenly thought that you wanted to delete all the cover pages from the merged PDF file.
        If you only want to extract all the cover pages from the merged document and convert them into one PDF file,I suggest you choose to use the "Extract Pages" function in Action Wizard to extract the first page (coversheet page) from each of the original PDF file firstly before you merge those original PDF files.
        After you having extract first page (conversheet page) from the orignal PDF files into some separate PDF files,then choose to merge those extract PDF files into one single PDF file again.
        Hope the above mentioned method helps.

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